Posted by: pdfflyers | July 23, 2009

For Those Who Thirst

So, last week, I was up at Tahoe for the week hangin with family in a timeshare they so graciously chose to share. I had  time get in some rides, but the obvious ride was to go around the lake. 75 miles to be exact. Not that long as training rides go, but at elevation and some steep grades around Emerald Bay, it would be a great ride. I took food along for the journey and filled two water bottles. Leaving around 8am, I was able enjoy the coolness of the morning as I headed through south shore. Due to the cooler temperatures, as usual, I ignored my hydration needs. As I approached Tahoe City, I began to drink through my water bottles and stopped near Kings beach to refill. But it was already too late. The day was heating up into the 90’s and I had not drunk enough this far into my ride.

As I headed into the Incline area, I dropped down onto Lakeshore Blvd to take in the scenery and check out the homes. In the next 4 miles, I saw homes the were simply amazing. Cabin homes the size of mansions that had to have rung up into the multi-million $ range. The people, the cars, and the boats exuded great wealth. At the end of Lakeshore Blvd, I headed up another highway to connect with Hwy 50 to return home. As I climbed up the road, my legs began to cramp due to poor hydration, not exhaustion. I grew very frustrated knowing that I had about 20 miles remaining that included 10 miles of climbing. The thought occured to me that I needed water and I needed it now. There was no where to get more water on the stretch of highway that I was on. No access to water, but I had to keep going. No options.

I began to think of the millions of people around the world that go without water on a daily basis. I was riding around a lake of fresh water for my recreation that could sustain millions. My thirst was nothing compared to the thirst of those who have no water.  According to statistics provided by the UN Water World report in 2006, 3800 children die each day of from diseases associated with access to safe drinking water. I know that there are many organizations world wide that are equipped and ready to drill wells, help people learn to store water when rains come and how to properly and safely irrigate water to areas of  need. So here is my question: “I wonder how many fresh water wells could be drilled to save lives from the sale of just 1 of these multi-million dollar homes on the edge of one our largest sources of fresh water?”

As I finished my ride around the lake, managing my cramping muscles, I looked forward to getting off the bike and getting the necessary liquids back into my system. Fresh water and powerade in endless proportions to meet my every need.


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