Posted by: pdfflyers | January 26, 2010

Calm In the Storm

Saturday I put on my mild weather clothes, filled my water bottles with Cytomax, stuffed my pouches with food and was off for a much needed 4-5 hrs. on my bike. It has been raining alot and I have found very few days that I could get out and ride. The Weather Channel said 10% chance of rain and even had a pic of the sun with a little cloud. Pretty good opportunity to get out and enjoy some real training that doesn’t involve my turbo trainer or a spin class.(a whole lot of riding that goes no where: I am glad God didn’t make me a hamster; I would have gone nuts on that darn wheel!)

As I headed down my normal warmup route I saw an extremely large thunder cloud coming my way and so to avoid it, I changed my route and headed towards blue sky. I was successful and for the next hour and half enjoying mild temperatures, clean roads, and great beauty. But my reality was that this darn thunder cloud was growing and coming my direction. It was unavoidable. As I turned up a mild climb, I couldn’t believe my eyes, there before me was a funnel cloud forming. It was taking shape quickly and the tail was dropping down within 100 yards of where I was riding. I felt the temperature beginning drop. I didn’t know whether to stop (I wanted a picture) or to get out of there quickly. So I continued and felt a mysterious calm in the air. My curiousity and desire for a picture made me stop. So pulled over to a safe spot off the road and pulled out my BlackBerry to get a pic (forgot I could of gotten a video). As I focused and began to take a few pics the funnel cloud began to weaken and chose not to wreak the havic they can. I got back on  my bike and began to ride on.

Within minutes it began to hail. This wasn’t tiny hail; this was hail the size of marbles. When you are riding a bike at 20mph, you don’t want to ride through a hail storm like this. I was getting pelted. Cars on the road were pulling off due to the accumulation of the hail making the road unsafe. They all looked at me like a fool as I raced towards home. Freezing and wet I pulled into my driveway and just then the sun poked out once again.

A thought. There is a story told of Jesus riding out a storm in a boat with his disciples. They are freaking out because of the danger they are sensing while Jesus sleeps in the front of the boat. How often do we enter the storms of life worried about what we are seeing? How often do we encounter storms and try to run from them only to find them around the bend once again? How often do storms pelt us relentlessly  making our life extremely uncomfortable? Maybe we need to stop and gaze upon the storm and allow the calm that comes from faith in something larger than ourselves and our storm will dissipate. We may take some blows as we return to the truth in our lives, but through the comfort of the Son we will come home. Jesus saw the disciples overwhelmed and was baffled by their fear, but knew their hearts, so he calmed the storm.


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