Posted by: pdfflyers | July 24, 2012


I haven’t blogged anything in quite awhile. Who knows why. Distracted by the activity of life ? Well let me catch up and share a thought. Last summer, Betsy and I, along with our daughter Ondi and her husband Manny, embarked on a bike adventure. We loaded up a rental truck with our bikes, panniers, and BOB (trailer I would pull behind my bike); heading off to SEATAC. Our bike trip would take us from Seattle, across Washington, and down the coast to San Francisco; a self supported ride. We rode on average over 50 miles per day for 20 consecutive days in rain, fog, and sunshine. We sustained only 4 flat tires, met knew friends along the way, ate amazing food, and drank many new beers to replenish the 1000’s of calories burned. Epic trip.

So this year rolls around, and our hearts draw us back the joys of bike adventure. Being teachers, we have the time and Manny with his new accounting job can get away for 10 days. We decide to finish the coastal trip and head from SF to the US/Mexico Border. This year we headed south and averaged over 70 miles per day with quite a few 80 mile days in the mix. Again we experienced new friends, Oyvan from Norway, great food (Sebastians @ San Simeon: best hamburger EVER!), NO RAIN, and a chance to connect with friends in SoCal. For me however, there was  an underlying theme/task, that needed to occur to refresh my soul.

I fill my life with activity and have a difficult time finding space for solitude and reflection. Time on the bike has been that for me. The psalmist in the bible poetically writes, “Be still and know that I am God.” In my activity I can lose myself and perspective. I have never been one to be still, but this summer I needed to sit still. I thought I could take some time and do a silent retreat for a few days away from my peeps, but I couldn’t motivate myself to do it. So enter the bike trip.

Even though we ride as a family, we are in a line on the road for safety reasons and there is much time to reflect. Being an athlete at heart, body in motion and solitude go together and I honestly can only sit with myself that way. A chance to be silent, reflect and listen. Whether you believe in God or the rhythm of life that Jesus lived, these are necessary moments for our souls. I had four issues in my heart that needed tobe reflected on and I needed God to speak into those. He did not disappoint (another blog to write).

As I enter another challenging school year and cross-country season, my spirit is renewed and I am grateful for the ability to ride and the gift that my time on my bike is. It has become sacred space and I am excited for what is ahead of me this coming fall. My hope is that you will find that sacred space that God has uniquely created for you and that you will enter it daily, weekly, and seasonally. It is in that space that you dwell in God’s presence and find yourself. Blessings.


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