Posted by: pdfflyers | November 21, 2013

Thankfulness: A living Response

One of the things I am most thankful for in my life is my family and great friends. When I am with my family and life giving community, my life is full. There are many people today who are missing on a daily and weekly basis the gift of family and community. Many miss this by choice or circumstances.

Today I was reading about Zaccheus. If you recall, he was one of the most influential Jews in the Roman tax-collecting business. By accepting this role, he had been expelled from his family and community. He had no family and no friends; just money. Then Jesus comes into his life and sees Zaccheus seeking him from a distance in a tree. Jesus’ gift to him was to come  as a guest into his home. It says that he quickly climbed down from the tree and took Jesus to his house with great excitement.

Zaccheus was so grateful! Jesus simple act of relationship broke down the walls of loneliness. Jesus crossed the written and unwritten boundaries of relationship and simply loved Zaccheus by being present. I love Zaccheus’ response in thankfulness for Jesus’ act of love. It says that Zaccheus gave half his wealth to the poor and if he over charged taxes to anyone he would give back four times that amount.

At Thanksgiving we can be thankful and tell others what we are thankful for. I am challenged by Zaccheus. His thankfulness went beyond words. His thankfulness was shown in action. May we all not only speak words of thanks this season but ask ourselves what we might do in response to the very things we are thankful for. If we are blessed; how might we be a blessing to others…..



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